Hooping Yourself Healthy: 4 Reasons To Start Today (+ Videos)

Hooping Yourself Healthy: 4 Reasons To Start Today (+ Videos)

Hula Hooping as a fun yet effective workout? Even the Egyptians and ancient Greeks spinned hoops not only for fun but also for their fitness. According to a study by the American Council of Exercise (ACE) up to 600 calories can be burned in one hour of hula hooping. Advocats of hooping claim that it’s good for your core strenght, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, calorie burn, and a positive self-image.

We joined a hooping workshop at the Hoopla!Berlin and we have to admit that it is a workout worth trying as it includes lots of laughs and a blissful experience if you get the flow (hooping jargon 😉 ). Hooping can be a great way to bring more fun moments into your daily life. If you are not so much into athletics or ‘boring’ gym workouts, Hula Hooping can be a very attractive alternative to still get your body moving.

4 reasons to start Hula Hooping

1. Improved posture

Sitting all day long in front of a computer is a killer for a beautiful and healthy posture. The rhythmic rotating movements help you with mobilizing your spinal joints. Besides, to be able to spin the hoop around your waist, a good posture is essential as a straight posture allows the hoop to rotate properly. You will be practising to straighten your back in a playful way.

2. Body awareness

Hip-shaking, using your arms for some isolations, flipping and flowing. You will be surprised how much your body thanks you while you discover movements you have never done before. It teaches you a whole new sense of body awareness.

3. Fresh air

Spring is back! For hooping, all you need is a hoop (of course!) and enough room. So it’s perfect to do it outdoors! Hooping will give you yet another reason to hit the park, visit your parents (to get into a garden) or if you like total privacy to finally kick out stuff and clean up your home.

4. The Happy Factor

We have tried it for you and we can ensure you it’s great fun and the constant smile on your face ensures positivity all over your body. It is hard to not fall in love and get hooked on learning some hooping tricks…and if you practice for a while it will look just beautiful!

We want to share with you our favorite selection of Hula Hooping videos.

Put these on if you need a break and be prepared for some mood-enhancing, entertaining and inspiring twirls!

Pharrell Happy Hoop: (You probably know her, still can’t watch her enough)


One Hoop:


Soul Food Passion Fruit:


BangBang HoopDance:


Big Hoop Berlin: (the performance starts at 11:48)


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