How To Create A Wellconnected Career

How To Create A Wellconnected Career

Have you found your dream job? If not, you are among the majority of all working people. Twice as many people worldwide report an overall negative experience at work. According to the polling organization Gallup which is measuring job satisfaction over the years, only 13% of all workers are happy with their jobs. This made us wonder: How do you find the perfect job for you?

How to find the perfect job

Here are six things we find important and which might help you to find a fulfilling workplace:

1. Take your happiness seriously

Live the life you have in mind otherwise it will be somebody else’s happiness. Stay listening to your own voice even if people around you are noisy. Be truly honest with yourself and be brave to follow your path. Keep in mind that nobody else knows you better than you do. Only this way you can find the perfect job for you.

2. Find your addiction

What is your personal addiction? What you are passionate about? What is it that makes you tick? Find out what really drives you, which activities energize you and what you are good at. This way you can create lots of flow moments in your daily work and ultimately create mastery. If you have figured this out so far you are already pretty close and ready to find the perfect job for you.

3. Find meaning in your addiction

Once you know what you want to do, find meaning in it. In other words, think about questions like: How can others benefit from it? How can you use your addiction to serve society? Be clear about your values as these will give you a clear direction to where you want to be heading.

4. Take the first step every day

Once you know how you want to be engaged in your passion, you already know what you are looking for. Now, dare to take the first step. Start searching for where you can find what you are looking for. Whether it is working for a company or being self-employed. Dive in the great ocean of adventures and keep doing first little steps every day. Even if it is difficult, do it anyways because every single step of this journey actually IS your journey, the good steps and the bad steps. For the bad ones you want to see every obstacle as a challenge, as a new possibility to learn.

5. Take time for yourself

Take the time for personal development, be continuously engaged in self-reflection and work towards a better version of yourself. Stay learning and trying new things and also take the time to enjoy nourishing food. Besides, it is incredibly important to take time to find ‘your move’, the kind of physical activity that you like in order to be able to enjoy doing sports and not forcing yourself to run on that treadmill. In short, take good care of your body because it is the only place you have to live in.

6. Love who you work with

The environment we work in is affecting us tremendously. Try to connect with people who nourish you and who inspire you. This way you can feel free to be honest and truly express your ideas and needs. You will be able to be authentic and not wearing a mask, pretending to be a smarter or whatever person but to simply live your authentic self. Dare to be vulnerable because only this can create real connectedness.

All these things we discovered are really important to us and can create a whole new level of living. This is all no new stuff; you have heard it all but the hard thing here is to keep reminding yourself.
We think that everybody deserves to find what makes him or her feel well, to find meaning in your work and to live the happiest and healthiest life possible for you. This is actually how the idea of Wellconnected developed and how we decided that we want to begin this journey.